SUZANNE SOMERS reviews her Clint Arthur experience


“My second event with Clint Arthur was even better than the first! Clint’s group is GREAT, it’s an engaged group, it’s an interested group, and there was a lot of energy and I can feel what audiences want and I could just feel what they wanted from me. So it made it very easy for me. I always enjoy this.”

My recommendations to other Celebrities about being at Clint Arthur’s events…

“Clint Arthur takes good care of you, he feeds you well, you stay in a nice hotel, you get Natalie who takes care of you! It’s a good experience and Clint’s nice and smart.”

Suzanne Somers’ Husband, Alan Hamel

AH: “It’s a pleasure. It’s my second time.”
CA: “Would you come back for a third time?”
AH: “Let’s have an official invitation! Of course, the Clint Arthur Harvard event is great! It’s fun and you learn stuff!”

WILL NOBLES: Being with Clint has brought my monthly revenue up to $200,000


My wife and I met Clint Arthur about eighteen months ago in Scottsdale and I was like: “Who’s this ass? He’s so ARROGANT!” But then I heard his speech and what really got me was the story of his father — because Clint’s background and my background was a lot the same. So telling your story is going to capture someone.

I went up to Clint, started talking to him, and I looked at my wife Logan. I said “should I do it?” — and of course, Clint’s wife Ali grabbed Logan and got her attention… and I signed up!

I will tell you: signing up was the best thing I’ve ever done, for speaking and getting out there… Clint Arthur’s help & events have done so much for our IT managed services company. Just to give you an idea of where we’ve gone, we’re at $97,000 per month of monthly recurring revenue – and 18 months later, I’m now at $200,000/month recurring revenue from doing this stuff with Clint.

I’d say even though Clint Arthur’s a jerk sometimes, he’s a loving jerk, and he will push you to your limit. Literally — at Celebrity Launchpad, he about had me in tears — and I don’t cry! I’ve seen a few in here that have cried, so yes he will make you cry, but it’s all for the best. He doesn’t mean anything by it and a lot of people say “God, he’s an ass! How do you deal with him?” I’m just telling the truth right now: I was together with Clint one-on-one, just me and him, in San Diego or Phoenix — and he’s really not an ass!

Clint & Ali have a heart of gold. They want to help us. Yes, Clint’s here to make money, and aren’t we all? We’re all here to improve ourselves, so don’t blame it on that. But I’ll tell you, Clint & Ali have hearts of gold.

Jonathon's 1st text message to Clint Arthur: "Just wanted to share: I just got off the phone with one of my top CFOs and as we were finishing the call he says, your name [Clint Arthur] came up last night. Phil (owner of the company, who also follows me on LinkedIn) mentioned all the stuff that I've been doing. Like being interviewed about my book and speaking at NASDAQ. Phil says, "That Jonathon, he's really a power player!" Thanks for making me a power player bro!! Love you guys!!"
Jonathon's 2nd text message to Clint Arthur: "Two TV interviews in one day while on vacation. Killing it! 9 down and 11 to go until you owe me lunch in NYC!"
Melody Keymer Harper's email to Clint Arthur: "Wow! Didn't go to bed last night. Celebrated my daughter and gransons birthdays until 10pm, went home and watched a movie, then proceeded to watch Clint's videos and read the entire Celebrity Entrepreneurship book until finishing it just now. Loved it! Can't wait to plunge into everything of Clint's I can. Thank you! Time to go to bed now!!!!! To igniting your greater success with hugs, Melody Keymer Harper"
Princess Maryanne Parker on what Clint Arthur's help & mentorship has done for her:
How Sandi Masori endorses Clint Arthur's book What They Teach You At The Wharton Business School: "Look what my kid packed to take to Berkeley with him?"
One of Clint Arthur's testimonials from Dave Nassaney: "Clint, I really love you man! What a great interview. I don’t remember ever hearing that story about you and Ali ‘s marriage being on the rocks and spending $30,000 in counseling, what a great story, what a great testimony to your commitment to each other. You really have changed my life, and I will forever be grateful, you have given me a new mindset, I don’t think the same way anymore, I don’t act the same way anymore, and if you ask me what is the most important thing that I have learned, that you have taught me, it is that tomorrow is not promised. I am living today as if it was my last day. Thank you for that brother. You’re taking me on a journey that has been the most exciting part of my life, who would’ve ever thought that it was possible for the the last years of our lives, the golden years, the final homestretch, can be this good, you are awesome! And Ali, I love you too!!!!!"
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Clint Arthur has made 100+ interview appearances on network TV News & Talk Shows all across America, including on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, The CW, CNN, FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria, and even on The TODAY Show where he was interviewed by Brooke Shields & Willie Geist.
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Clint Arthur’s “The Greatest Show of All Time” on 77 WABC Radio to feature Dan S. Kennedy and Walter O’Brien as guests, sharing the importance of mentorship and the “Mathematical Formula for Success”

Steve Larsen Invited to Speak at “Living Legends” at Carnegie Hall

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Stephen Larsen, Russell Brunson’s #1 Funnel Hacker, to share offer-creating expertise at “Clint Arthur Presents: Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing” at Carnegie Hall, September 2019

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Chief Content Officer at AMI, publisher of The National Enquirer, to share wisdom on content creation & surviving business scandals, at Carnegie Hall’s “Clint Arthur Presents: Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing,” the first event of its kind in the venue’s 128-year history