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Clint Arthur & Ali Savitch in the Royal Suite of the Westin Paris Vendome

Hey! I’m Clint Arthur, the #1 bestselling author of Celebrity Entrepreneurship, and I help Leaders, Change-makers and Experts in all industries to transform into “Celebrity Entrepreneurs” — meaning they become Celebrities in the eyes of customers & prospects, so they get paid more money, CRUSH their competition, have more fun, and — most importantly — live the luxury lifestyle that they desire and DESERVE to live.

In my business, I get to stay at beautiful suites in a lot of really nice hotels, dine at the finest restaurants, and enjoy a High-Quality lifestyle in all areas.

You’re probably asking this…

How to Get the Best from Luxury Travel?

As a discerning buyer and a discerning traveler, I know that the promise of a 5-star experience doesn’t always deliver what it says it would. I know which brands offer the nicest hotel experiences & perks (especially Starwood), and which ones aren’t so nice.

On this page, you’ll find my reviews and advice on which of the 5-star hotels are the best, whatever your destination.

Also in my hotel reviews, I’ll talk about how YOU can more easily live this high-quality travel experience.

Plus, with 2 decades experience in the gourmet food industry, I’m qualified to show you what fine dining experiences live up to the hype, vs. the ones that don’t.

Luxury Hotel & Travel Experiences: They're Not All Equal!

Peter Luger Steak House, New York City

“Peter Luger Wears No Clothes!” The New York Times speaks the truth: the mighty Peter Luger has fallen.

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Clint Arthur at the Opera…

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I’m not a big fan of Ritz-Carlton. There are nicer hotels in Budapest.

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